A review of “The Black Edge”

A depressing book on what a giant flaming asshole Stevie Cohen is, and what a cesspool his eponymous firm was. Also depressing in that Stevie skated on all the charges, while at least some of his minions were given serious time (Cohen did not even have to go through the indignity of a trial). This is pretty much par for the course, and echoes in some ways “the Spider Network” (a better book) – comparing the two books shows that while the US system is screwed up, it is a model of efficiency and good sense compared to the cluster **** that is the UK political and legal “system”.

On the other hand, one might ask: are insider trading laws really a good idea? Many people believe they are not – all they do is muck around with the free propagation of information (which is very difficult – really impossible, since for a company like Google, literally hundreds of people know the numbers before they are out, and you can’t really blame them for trying to make a buck). Of course, this does not exonerate the perpetrators.

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