Intersectionality II

Interestingly the Nazis and the SJWs have more in common than their loathing of the Jews – they are actually two sides of the same coin, and what they have in common is the belief that someone else is responsible for their shortcomings – be it “The Patriarchy” or the “Elders of Zion”. This is actually a well-known psychological phenomenon, known as “external locus of control“. What is particularly interesting is that as pointed out in the Wikipedia article:

Richard Kahoe has published work in the latter field, suggesting that intrinsic religious orientation correlates positively (and extrinsic religious orientation correlates negatively) with internal locus.

As we know well, leftist and totalitarian movements are very anti-religious (this goes for both Nazis and SJWs, of course), thus bearing out Kahoe’s thesis.



An interesting factoid. The neo-Nazis/alt-right/Aryan nation types do not consider Jews to be White, and hence view them as a major part of the racial problem. On the other hand, the intersectional SJW/BLM/snowflakes do consider Jews to be White, and thus a major part of the White privilege/patriarchy problem.

Conclusion (as pointed out by Tom Lehrer some sixty years ago: Everybody still hates the Jews.