An interesting factoid. The neo-Nazis/alt-right/Aryan nation types do not consider Jews to be White, and hence view them as a major part of the racial problem. On the other hand, the intersectional SJW/BLM/snowflakes do consider Jews to be White, and thus a major part of the White privilege/patriarchy problem.

Conclusion (as pointed out by Tom Lehrer some sixty years ago: Everybody still hates the Jews.


3 thoughts on “Intersectionality

  1. This very white centered post and it is only servicing white supremacy politics. They are ample examples that neo-Nazis/alt-right/Aryan nation are collaborating with Zionist. Look this one for example:

    SO what you say is not a “factoid”. Your approach only harms intersection politics of SJW/BLM/snowflakes that oppose Zionist (not Jewish people). Even a complex and diverse Jewish people identity is consumed by your approach white wash it.

    1. Claims of differences between antisemitism and anti-Zionism is a common symptom of the former. As for alt-right, many of them claim to be white nationalists, not white supremacists (and that is the source of their affinity for Zionism). Their confusion is lumping all “white” (whatever that means) people into one group – in fact the Swedes and the Italians are quite different.

      1. “White” is a construct and has a spatio-tempral history in colonialism and it includes Zionism as a white project in Anglo-american imperialism.

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