I have had many conversations on Social Media lately about the virtues and evils of immunization, particularly mandatory immunization.

It seems that the gist of the pro-vaccination view (promulgated by quite well-meaning people) is that while there is no doubt that vaccination is sometimes harmful (and sometimes fatal) it should be done because the good to society outweighs the harm to the individual. While I am far from convinced that there is any statistical basis for this belief (and, indeed, believe otherwise), to a certain extent this is irrelevant.

Firstly, the philosophy espoused by the well-meaning vaccinators is precisely the totalitarian philosophy of the title (gemeinnutz geht vor eigennutz), which was the foundational slogan of Nazi Germany (it was put on coins to always remind the populace), but also of every other totalitarian regime. As such, mandatory vaccination is inimical to any free society.

Secondly, injecting healthy people with acknowledged (even by proponents of mandatory vaccination) poisons, which makes many of those people less healthy is in direct contravention of the Hippocratic Oath, which, as we all recall states “Above All, Do No Harm”.

These two points are significant enough to obviate any statistical analysis (which is not to say that such analysis is not important).

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