On this page we give a slightly annotated list of (mostly critical) resources on Islam and the current jihad against the West.

  1. Wikislam. As the name suggests, this is a fairly enclyclopaedic resource, which is both good (obviously) and not so good (it requires some navigation.
  2. Al-Rassooli’s blog – has links to many other resources, but in particular, oral testimony of the Ibn Q. Al-Rassooli himself – an ex-muslim from Iraq.
  3. Muslim Statistics. This blog states that his blog collect and update international statistics, government statistics, newspaper articles and reports related to Muslim immigration and Muslim issues in non-Muslim societies. In fact, broader than that, and has statistics about Muslim issues in Muslim societies, as well.
  4. Questioning Islam. Think of it as a guided tour of Wikislam – has fascinating snippets of information, totally at variance with what the apologists would like you to believe.
  5. The Muslim Issue. A global think tank dedicated to covering what the mainstream media does not, and to alert the world to the dangers of Islam and Muslim immigration. This is arguably also the charter of the following blogs.
  6. Pam Geller’s blog. Pam should need no introduction to anyone interested in the clash of civilizations between Islam and the West.
  7. Robert Spencer’s blog Jihad Watch. Similar to Geller’s blog, but obviously different in coverage. Geller and Spencer work together a fair bit.
  8. The Religion of Peace. Dedicated to showing that the cognomen “the Religion of Peace” can be only used humorously when applied to Islam.
  9. The Q’uran. Of course, the only way to be sure that the above sources are not pulling your leg is to go to the source (but this is not easy, due to many quirks, such as the doctrine of abrogation.
  10. A fantastic article by Sumeda Sarvadaman summarizing many of the Islamic attitudes.

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